You may be wondering, "what is the gospel?" This cross reminds of Jesus Christ, his death, and his resurrection to pay for our sins.

What is The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The gospel means “good news.” To understand why it’s good news, you need to understand the human condition. According to the Bible, all humans are sinners. Because all human beings have sinned, we are heading to Hell to be punished for eternity. So what are people supposed to do? Are we all just doomed? This is where the gospel comes in.

A person reading The Bible, perhaps contemplating how to spread the gospel.

20 Ways on How to Spread The Gospel to Unbelievers [Infographic]

With how secular the world is today, Christians have to use strategic ways to spread the gospel. The old method of evangelizing door to door doesn’t always work and to be frank, it’s inefficient. People are wary of strangers knocking on their doors, even those who claim to be bringing the gospel to them. So how can you effectively spread the gospel to those around you?