What Is The Meaning Of Grace?

What does the Bible say about crystals? Crystals, like the ones on this table, are mentioned in the Bible.

What Does The Bible Say About Crystals?

In science class you learn about crystals being a type of rock, but that’s not the case much anymore. In the twenty-first century, people see […]

There Are Only Two Teams 1

There Are Only Two Teams

Sports fans are wild to me. The idea of having an undying loyalty to a sports team simply because you were born in the same […]

a laptop and monitor on a desk

How To Start a Christian Blog Through Bluehost

As a Christian who is also a digital marketer by trade, I believe today’s advancement in technology has opened up a lot of channels for us to spread the gospel. In this post, I will be talking about how to start a Christian blog through Bluehost web hosting.

What is Tithing in The Bible? 2

What is Tithing in The Bible?

Money isn’t a topic that people always enjoy talking about, but it’s a necessary one. And yes, very necessary to the Christian as well. Proverbs […]

How to pray to God

How To Pray To God

Most of us know that a relationship with God is more than simply saying we believe in Him and carrying on with life as usual. We […]